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This is how we do

I ♥ Pundits ranks opinion and analysis from around the web based on social shares. What are shares? Shares are Tweets, Facebook Likes, and Google +1s. We simply add these all up to get a sense of how popular an article or author is over a given period of time.

Great Articles You Might Otherwise Miss

In addition to tracking what's most popular, we also try to spot the Gems that may not be popular but are nevertheless worth checking out. We do this by catching those articles that are receiving many more shares than their authors tend to get, hopefully signaling a stand-out piece.

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Ranking the Pundits

In addition to ranking the most shared articles over the past day, week, and month in the Popular section of the site, we also have a Leaderboard that ranks the top 100 pundits over the past day, week, and month. By default, the Leaderboard shows a ranking of the pundits who have received the most shared over the past 24 hours, which can include outliers that have gone viral in a particular day. To get a better sense of how pundits stack up over the long term, click on the "Last 7 Days" or "Last 30 Days" tabs. Ranking over the last 365 days is coming soon.

Individual Pundit Pages

We track thousands of pundits and every one of them has his or her own page with statistics about their writing and social popularity, as well as ranked lists of their most popular articles over the past week, month, and year. As an example, take a look at Paul Krugman's page. You can get to a pundit's page by clicking on their name anywhere on the site, and you can use the Directory to find a specific pundit.

Please Pardon Our Dust

This site is still in beta, and you might spot a glitch here or there. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email jerry at brito dot com.